Intra Life Healing Arts

The Lotus Tree happily welcomes Ashi with Intra Life Healing Arts to our center!  Intra Life offers integrative therapies that complement the physical, occupational, speech, manual and music therapies we currently provide at the Lotus Tree.

Intra Life’s mission is to “provide integrative therapies to the community of Boise and they are dedicated and motivated to ensure that children with medical challenges and developmental differences, as well as their family and caregivers, have access to care that addresses the mind, body and spirit at no cost to them.” We invite you to learn more about these offerings and the special pilot program being conducted at our clinic to support the children and families we serve. 

Enjoy the link below to learn more.  To schedule a session or yourself or your child, contact Intra Life Health Arts at or The Lotus Tree at 208.433.9152.